What propose BitMarket

Bitmarket innovative concept, which proposes to offer the use of cryptocurrencies. Bitmarket is a premium marketplace, where users will be able to sell luxury homes, apartments, cars and watches with payment only in crypto. Bitmarket will also offer platform users the opportunity to benefit from an IBAN account integrated with their profile. Security is another very important issue that concerns us and we have chosen as a partner for KYC an internationally prestigious company (iDenfy), so each user will be rigorously verified.

Bitmarket will have its own payment system and currency (a utility coin called BMK). In 2022 we aim to offer our users more utilities on the platform, including:

  • Crypto payment plane tickets
  • Crypto Casino
  • NFT
  • Crypto Instant Swap (similar to PanckakeSwap or Uniswap)
  • Visa cards
  • Micro Jobs (Similar Fivver) with crypto payment
  • Escrow Exchange

Echipa Bitmarket

Mihai Daniel, entrepreneur and visionary, involved in the crypto industry since 2016, as founder of Coinsby a crypto services and networking agency. At the moment Daniel is involved in several important crypto projects, but Bitmarket is a close project for him, trying to bring as much utility as possible to cryptocurrencies. Daniel is a crypto influencer with an organically formed community over time that has over 150,000 followers. Since the beginning he has been providing people with information in a transparent way, helping them to better understand the crypto field and take their first steps in the market. He posts free crypto content daily on his social media trying to give people the latest industry news.

Crypto Legal Advisor, experience in the crypto market, specializing in legal, cryptocurrency auditing and DeFi expert. Smart Contract Developer and Non Fungible Tokens in art and real estate. Master's Degree in Public Procurement, Concessions and Public Private Partnerships from the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. Mediator with extensive legal experience in business matters ranging from contract negotiations, breaches and remedies, applicable contract law to foreign investment, investor-state relations and international trade. He has participated in legal diplomacy internships at the Permanent Mission of Romania to the United Nations in New York in 2019 as Legal Advisor and in 2018 in Brussels at the European Parliament.

Vladimir has over 5 years of experience in financial markets and investment banking. He has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in funds at a leading US investment firm in the telecommunications industry and has received the highest level of training and education with San Diego-based investment and financial markets experts, including the CEO & Co-Founder of APWireless Infrastructure Partners, LLC - Eric Overman.